Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Batch file for the client re-install powershell from yesterday

Here is the batch file I use for the earlier powershell script to re-install the SCCM client.

  PSExec and CMTrace must be in the folder you launch this from 'MyScripts' in this case.
  The powershell referenced above plus WMIRepair.exe and UnlockPowerShell.vbs must be in the
    'push' subdirectory.  I talked about UnlockPowerShell.vbs HERE.  I also have ccmclean in there
    but I don't use it anymore...

xcopy C:\MyScripts\push \\%1\c$\temp\push /E /I /F
psexec \\%1 -s cscript c:\temp\push\UnlockPowerShell.vbs
start "" .\cmtrace \\%1\c$\temp\sccm.log
psexec \\%1 -s powershell c:\temp\push\clifixes.ps1
psexec \\%1 -s cmd /C rmdir /s /q c:\temp\push

The command line would look like
          scriptname.bat computername

%1 in the batch files is replaced with 'computername' from the command line.

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